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7 Restaurant Industry Trends 2019

The restaurant business is one of the most complex and ever-changing industries, because almost every day new cuisine directions and ways to attract a customer emerge. In order to be always up-to-date, the restaurant has to be flexible – to change dishes rapidly, to experiment with the menu and its presentation.

We’ve picked up 7 major trends in 2019 for you, that are worth your attention if you want to remain interesting for guests.

  • Own production

This trend isn’t new, but this year it will be at the peak of its popularity. Dishes made with own production products are a true way to your guests loyalty. If the business declines suppliers’ services, partially or entirely, and independently makes products, customers will feel more confident about the quality of the dishes. Moreover, such decision may significantly lower the cost of production and consequently the price as well.

  • Traditional dishes

There came a time when extravagant and exotic dishes have tired consumer quite a bit. It feels like getting back to simple and delicious food that also is a national peculiarity. This is not only about traditional dishes of one’s country. It is told that this year in restaurant business is the year of Georgian cuisine. Because this food isn’t only healthy and diverse, but also accessible and easy to cook.

  • Fermentation and healthy nutrition

The healthy nutrition trend will stay in 2019. The trend that doesn’t lose its popularity for years.  Vegetarian meals, gluten-free batch and food with minimum thermal processing – you will often find it on the menus. The year’s novelty will be fermentation – it’s product preparation with the participation of enzyme, probiotics and friendly bacteria. In other words, sauerkraut, pickles, buttermilk, kombucha – are a new trend.

  • Mobile payments

It is not a secret that the majority of people nowadays are attached to their mobile phones. Therefore, it is logical that to make a payment via phone is a very modern and useful feature.
This tendency is not a benefit for restaurants  as it robs personalized conversations with customers. On the other hand, it can be used in its favor – to create the option of online order of the table either the delivery of food, to inform about discounts or promotions.

  • Change the role of chief cook

The chief’s cook position won’t be limited only to menu development and team management. From now on, the chief cook is the face of the business. Usually people go to a particular restaurant, in order to try a specific dish or cuisine. Today they would love to taste savor delicious specialties of particular chief.

  • Food delivery

From year to year food delivery services have been improving greatly. With this improving momentum, there has been a growing demand for current service. Use this trend with a maximum benefit for yourself. In order to raise a profile in the eyes of your customers use modern food delivery services. To encourage customers to get back ordering, create a stylish package for food and make sure you’ve added your menu to the order.  

  • Online menu

As we have already mentioned in our article about the main mistakes in menu design, one of them is the absence of online menu. The majority of people checks out the menu on the Web before their visit to a place. In case you don’t have it on your Web page neither on social network profile, you are at risk of losing a part of customers.

The potential of the restaurant business has been promptly growing year after year. It is worth to mention the changes in consumer buying habits concerning eating out. The choice of dining out is becoming even more frequent. To keep your business modern and entertaining, it’s necessary to learn how to drive occasion-based consumption and not to be afraid of changes.



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