Restaurant Branding: from Menu Design to Staff

Every restaurateur before opening a new cafe or restaurant asks himself how to make it so unique and special to steal the hearts of all the guests? Modern interior, attractive menu layout, an interesting concept, delicious food — how to combine these things to make them work in tandem? The answer is branding.

We have created a simple step-by-step guide that will help you to think over your restaurant branding from scratch.

  • Concept and mission

The concept of the restaurant is the main theme and driving force of the brand. It should help make your restaurant unique among the others, and ultimately identify a niche in the market and the business prospects.

It has to be reflected in all huge and tiny details to make your guests feel the atmosphere: in the interior, restaurant menu design, tableware, events, service, cuisine.

  • Brand Voice

Brand voice is the way you treat guests and communicate with them. In other words, it’s your restaurant personality that is based on your concept.

Where to use is? Firstly, in creating a menu for your restaurant. Your special tone has to be used in dish names and information about them. More ideas you can find in the article about the rules of the dishes description.

Secondly, your unique voice has to be reflected in your communication with guests in your restaurant and on your social media. It’s necessary to create a feeling that there’s only one person who speaks to them over all channels.

  • Brand Identity

The logo, branding and restaurant name reflect the essence of your restaurant brand and are often one of the first interactions of a client with a business. That is why we recommend you to invest your budget and efforts in hiring a professional designer to do it for you.

If you decide to create a menu yourself using restaurant menu design software, don’t forget to add your logo, use your corporate colors and fonts.

  • Cuisine

Some inexperienced restaurant owners often forget that cuisine is as important part of branding as interior, menu design or brand voice. If you’re opening a restaurant with a particular nation theme (Japanese restaurant, an Italian restaurant, etc.), stick to this topic in every little detail.

  • Staff

Even the greatest restaurant can’t achieve great success without a powerful team. Choose and train people that truly believe in your restaurant idea and will reflect it in every connection with guests.

As we have mentioned in our article about trends in the restaurant industry, the brand chef as the face of the restaurant is a new growing tendency. It would be a great idea to make it a part of your unique branding and stand out from the competitors.

Restaurant branding requires some effort to make it well-thought-out. However, if you’ll manage to make it consistent and unique, your guests would be pleased.

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