Menu Design Psychology: 5 Useful Life Hacks

Every menu has to be well-thought-out to convince customers to make a certain decision. And the best solution is to make your clients spend more money.

The psychology of menu engineering (the science about proper menu design) is based on studies of people’s behavior, their perception of color, text, and the placement of objects.

We’ve selected 5 life hacks for you that will help to create not only a stylish but also an effective menu.

  • Choose the right color

It is not a secret that color can affect our choice. Green is associated with a healthy meal, orange stimulates the appetite. You have to choose the one that will push customers to the desired action.

  • Feed an imagination

Do not use superlatives in food descriptions. “The best pizza in the world” – there is a low chance that such description will convince customers about it. Use the adjectives “freshly baked”, “crunchy”, “soft”. More tricks you can find in an article about dishes descriptions.

  • Evoke nostalgia

Nostalgia is a powerful force. A well-thought-out description can provide dishes with an emotional color. Is it possible to say no to such names like “Grandma’s apple pie” or “cheesecakes from childhood”?

  • Limit the choice

A large selection of dishes sounds like a good idea. But choosing a dish among hundreds of options is very stressful. 7 dishes in each category – is perfect. Then the client feels that he has a choice, but at the same moment isn’t lost in a sea of available options.

  • Add dishes for two persons

This type of dishes is associated with a romantic dinner for couples. Accordingly, it will provide them with emotional features. Moreover, couples are less price-sensitive so the higher price for such dishes won’t confuse them.

Try these life hacks in practice right now! Waitron.MENU is an online maker helping to bring all your menu ideas to life.



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