Бармен наливает коктейль

5 Examples of Cocktail Menu

A cocktail menu is what can add zest to your main menu and the place itself. Well-selected unusual cocktails will perfectly complement the traditional or thematic cuisine.

An equally important element in cocktail menu creation is the menu itself. It has to be of high quality in both visual and textual contexts. We’ve selected for you some tips and examples on how to create the coolest cocktail menu.

The cocktail menu should be:

  • visually appealing

The main thing in cocktails is the way how they are served. That’s why it is important for customers to know how their drink will look like. This is what the menu should show. Find tips in our article about the rules of menu composition.

  • grammatically literate and informative

All cocktail names should be spelled correctly. It is important to specify the taste (sour, sweet, bitter) and strength (light, medium, strong) of each drink.

  • easy to understand for your guests

Remember that you create a menu not for your bartender, but for guests. The cocktail menu often contains a lot of unfamiliar names, so that it is important to clearly describe and visually serve drinks.

5 examples of a cocktail menu

To create something truly worthwhile, a good dose of inspiration is needed. We’ve selected for you 5 examples that will help you to create a cocktail menu.

1. A cocktail menu is a great option for such a menu. The first page makes it clear what you will find on the menu. The second one structures and illustrates its content.

Коктейльное меню


2. This example is suitable for use as a super set, rather than a separate menu. Put it on the table before serving the dishes and your customers for sure won’t be able to say no to a cocktail.

Коктейльное меню


3. A good example of a structured cocktail menu. Highlight your signature cocktails that can be only found in your place, together with classic cocktails and snacks as a great addition to them. It would be hard to say no to such an offer.


4. Don’t have a wide range of cocktails to create a separate menu? Create flyers that customers can take with them. During the next visit, they will definitely know what cocktail they want.


5. Is it worth to use a photo of cocktails on the menu or not? Illustrations are a great alternative to photos that will help to make your menu looking more attractive and of high quality.

Коктейльное меню

Have we performed the mission to inspire you to create a cool cocktail menu? If the answer is “yes”, quickly turn all ideas into reality with the online menu maker Waitron.MENU!



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