Designing a Menu. 5 Examples of Children’s Menu

Recently, many restaurants and cafés have picked up the idea of a family establishment. They create a separate menu design, conduct cooking classes for children, and arrange children’s zones.

What for? Firstly, the creation of a kid-friendly establishment significantly expands the target audience of a restaurant or café, because spending time with your family outside is becoming more and more popular. Secondly, families with children are very grateful visitors, and they spend 30% more than regular customers.

That is why a children’s menu is a great idea for an establishment, which wants to develop and be useful to its customers. We have collected some easy-to-implement ideas, which will quickly transform your establishment into a kid-friendly one:

  • Start with the staff

Staff is the face of a restaurant. According to its reaction and attitude, visitors can feel the atmosphere of the place. For example, if waiters are annoyed with children, their parents are unlikely to return there again.

Teach your staff to treat every visitor with respect and kindness, and do not forget, that children are also your customers.

  • Create a children’s menu design

When designing a menu, it is important to take into account both dishes and design itself. Create the simplest, but healthy dishes,  the preparation of which takes a little time: fresh vegetables, baked chicken, cheesecakes or fruit smoothies.

As for menu design, it should be as attractive and bright as possible. A great idea would be to add to the menu layout a coloring page or a small game, with the help of which parents will be able to occupy their children while waiting for an order.

  • Come up with interesting names of dishes

As we previously mentioned in the article about tricks in menu design, rightly chosen names and descriptions can significantly increase your sales. Children’s menu is no exception.

Add to your menu such dishes as “Superman’s Elixir” instead of chicken soup, or “Souffle for a Princess” instead of a cottage cheese casserole, and your little guests will appreciate this for sure.

  • Pay attention to details

In order to make leisure time for families with children as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to create a children’s zone. Along with the offer of kids’ chairs, your staff should also bring toys and coloring books.

Do not forget about another important detail: serve drinks from a children’s menu in special non-spill cups,  not in ordinary glasses.

Examples of children’s menu design

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We recommend you to stop looking at visitors with children as a burden. Try to treat this as an opportunity to develop your business. Do not hesitate with the development of a children’s menu – create it with the help of professional templates from Waitron.Menu.

Create a children's menu


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