A Laconic Menu Design. 8 Templates

A thought-out to the smallest detail and appealing to visitors menu design is one of the most important components of a successful restaurant. After all, its main purpose is to “sell” dishes, as well as show the overall concept of a restaurant or café.

Minimalism is one of the most popular styles in design, which is used in the branding of many modern companies.

We have prepared some simple rules and laconic menu layouts, which will help you to create a stylish design for your restaurant.

Rules of a laconic menu layout:

  • Emphasis on space

The key feature of minimalism is enough free space. As we mentioned earlier in the article about the designer’s dictionary, there is a special term for this concept White Space is space (not necessarily white), free from text, pictures and lines.

  • Graphics and icons

Photos of dishes or drinks can be rarely found on a laconic menu. Icons are stylish elements of design, which are perfect for creating minimalistic motifs.

  • Contrast effect

Designing a menu in a minimalistic style does not necessarily mean that it should be boring and trivial. One of the rules of stylish design is creating a contrast effect, which we described in the article about unique menu design. It appears in color, size, standard, and other forms to create the right focus.

  • Stylized fonts

Sometimes all we need for a beautiful restaurant menu is the right typography. When it comes to minimalism, a correctly chosen font is a key element in the design. Experiment with stylized, handwritten and simple fonts, and find your ideal formula of a balanced menu.

  • Color

Many people believe that achromatic color palette (black, white and shades of grey) is the basis of ideal minimalistic menu design. This is not quite true. If you want to dilute a monotonous design, we recommend using one bright color to create a focus on an important element.

A selection of menu templates

If you do not have enough time to create a menu yourself, Waitron.Menu online editor has already done some part of the work for you. We created a selection of ready-made professional menu layouts, which will significantly simplify this process.

A laconic menu is an ideal choice for those restaurateurs, who do not want to burden their guests with a complex design. With this menu format, you can immediately direct your visitors to the most important positions.

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