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The Designer’s Vocabulary. 4 Key Terms

If you have ever worked with a professional designer who created a menu layout for your restaurant or coffee shop, you may feel like speaking different languages.

It doesn’t matter whether you will hire a designer again or decide to try creating a menu on your own, we recommend to go through the basic terms in design.

We’ve chosen 4 key terms that will help you to create a perfect menu.

1. Hex code

Have you ever seen such combination — a hash sign and 6 digits #00000? This is the hex code, the most common way of color reproduction. Each pair of numbers in this code defines three basic colors — red, green, and blue. By mixing these basic colors you can get 16 million of all kinds of colors.

2. Typography

Artfully designed text guarantees a stylish and cohesive menu. Typography is an art that will help you with this. The design distinguishes a font and a font style. Choose one of the fonts, change its style (Bold, Italic), letter spacing, color, size, and your perfect font is ready!

Редактор текста

3. White space

Have you ever seen the menu filled with text and pictures from top to bottom? White space is just what was missed there.

This term refers to space (not necessarily white) free from the text, pictures, and lines. Using this technique on your menu will make it visually easier to read.

Do not be afraid to leave empty blocks on the menu layout. Intentionally free space will help to create the right focus on your design.

Как использовать white space

4. Bitmap

The image and its quality are the most important points on menu design. A bitmap image is composed of grids of pixels.

One of the most common image formats is JPEG. Moreover, it is one of the few formats accepted in print agencies.

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