Checklist of Restaurant Food Delivery

Create menu design, hire the most skillful staff, think through interior and branding are not the only key points of a successful restaurant. Food delivery is a new growing trend in 2019 that can help you to evolve your business and attract new customers.

From an online menu to food ordering tools — there are lots of different points you should think through before launching food delivery in your restaurant or cafe. So we have created a handy checklist for launching food delivery.

  • Online menu

As we have mentioned in the article about restaurant promotion, the online menu is one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools for the restaurant business. When you are planning to launch food delivery, online menu is a necessity, so your customers can find and choose dishes easily.

We recommend you to try online menu makers like Waitron.Menu. Most of them offer a feature that allows sharing your menu on social media or website.

  • Food Ordering System

Experienced restaurant owners know that the old way to order food with a phone call is yesterday’s news in our digital era. Now there are different online ordering systems that allow to order and pay for food delivery online.

If you don’t want to use any third-party service, we recommend you to invest in a good restaurant website: add menu template, allow online food ordering and payment.

  • Packaging

Choosing food packages, make sure that they are sturdy and temperature controlled to deliver dishes intact. Moreover, you should remember that not only your restaurant menu design but also food packages have to be branded.

We recommend you to print your logo and restaurant name on the packages or create stickers with it in your branded colors.

  • Take out menu layout

If you already had experience in food delivery, you know that not all items on the menu can be delivered. If you have such dishes, consider creating a restaurant menu with meals selected for delivery. Firstly, it will prevent your food from bad appearance. Secondly, this trick will ease your kitchen flow.

Moreover, don’t forget to print your menu and put it in every delivery order to stimulate the next sales.

  • Promotion

It’s not enough just to launch food delivery, you also have to promote it, so your customers know about this option. Besides sharing your menu template online, announce this feature on your social media or website and tell how to use it.

Another great idea would be to give a special discount for delivery orders to encourage guests to use this option.

Food delivery is becoming more and more popular and the demand for this service is constantly growing. Have you decided to launch the delivery in your restaurant? Take the first step now — create a stunning online menu using Waitron.Menu creator.

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