Checklist of Restaurant Promotion

An eye-catching menu design, stylish photos of dishes, usable website – such simple at the first glance marketing tools would not only help to keep regular customers but also to attract new ones.

In order to help you to draw attention to your business without unnecessary expenses, we’ve created a checklist of ideas.

Checklist of restaurant promotion

  • Take stylish photos of dishes

Nowadays, interesting visual content is very valuable, therefore just quality photos of food are not enough. We recommend taking advantage of the service rendered by professional food photographer because authentic pics on your website or social networks are the best advertisement! Also, a good idea would be to add these pics to a menu layout. To be aware of the advantages of this decision, you can check out the article about menu design with photos.

  • Invest in a website or app

The website is a way of free promotion since in the first place your customers would search you on the Web. The website always has to contain an up-to-date menu with detailed dish description, contacts, social network links. A more modern and user-friendly way to do so is to develop a mobile app.

  • Hold a contest or game

How to keep customers? Involve them in a funny game or contest. And don’t forget about the prizes! It can be a free dinner, dish or any other prize related to your business. Run a contest in social networks or directly in your place.

  • Cooperate with partners

How to promote a restaurant without loss of budget? Join efforts with other local business (products supplier, gift shop) and then advertise each other or run a joint event. When two businesses share the same goal, to reach it together would be much easier.

  • Post online menu

Customers love to explore the place before a visit. The menu is the most important information that customers check out prior to everything. Don’t miss free opportunity to get new customers – share your online menu on the website and social networks.

Eye-catching interior, delicious food, and an excellent service are the most important components of running a successful restaurant.  However, it’s not enough to attract new customers. Try to realize our simple and affordable ideas for promotion and you’ll see they actually work!



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