Menu Design. Checklist of a Breakfast Menu

Creation of a restaurant menu design is not just a necessity, but an important element of the marketing strategy of any restaurant or café. The main goal of a menu is not only to surprise visitors, or stand out among competitors, but also to encourage customers to order as much as possible.

Since eating out for breakfast is one of the newest restaurant trends, and visitors are constantly looking for places, where they can start their day perfectly, designing a breakfast menu is a great way to increase the sales.

Creating a breakfast menu layout on your own is not as easy as it might seem. Luckily,  we have made a checklist of key points, which can greatly simplify this task for you.

  • Interesting dishes for breakfast

Remember that anyone can make oatmeal and scrambled eggs at home on their own. Your menu needs some special dishes, for the sake of which a client would want to get up early and hurry to your establishment. It can be a cereal and berry bowl, all kinds of healthy pancakes, seasonal smoothies and nutritious croissants with a filling. Do not forget how important a visual presentation of a dish is, as well as its name and ingredients.

  • A stylish menu design

Beautiful menu design is an integral part of a breakfast menu. It must complement the interior of an establishment and create a morning atmosphere. We recommend creating a separate menu, in order to attract special attention from your customers. Learn how to do it correctly by reading the article about effective menu design.

  • Time spent on food preparation

Be sure to add a cooking time of each dish to your menu template. People, who are in a hurry on their way to work in the morning, are primarily interested in this particular moment. This simple technique will help your customers make a choice, and your waiters take an order more quickly.

  • All-day breakfast

Breakfast, which you can order all day long, is one of the newest and most popular restaurant trends. Firstly, breakfast is considered to be one of the most special and tastiest meals. Secondly, a client will be able to choose a convenient time to have breakfast throughout the day.

  • Make a dish yourself

Visitors always love to be given freedom of choice. A great idea is to add to the breakfast menu layout a section with a list of ingredients, which can be put together in a dish by a customer himself. It is important to add vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free positions to please the preferences of all guests.

  • Breakfast to go

Creating a simple, but tasty breakfast, which you can grab on your way to work or studies, is a great idea for a small restaurant or a coffee shop. Do not forget to put a breakfast menu in every order, to keep reminding of your place after a client leaves it.

If you are looking for a new way to strike your customers and increase sales at the same time, creating a breakfast menu is just what you need. Do not put it on the back burner, try creating a menu right now, using our tips and professional Waitron.Menu templates.



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