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Cafe Menu Design. Checklist of a Selling out Design

Proper menu design is one of the most important components of a successful restaurant. Its main goal is not only to show the concept or complement the interior but also to “sell” dishes and make customers order more.

How to create a menu for a café that will help to solve all these issues? It does not matter at all if a menu design will be made by a professional designer or using a special program, you must be aware of the basic secrets of an effective and selling out menu.

  • Golden Triangle

According to the menu engineering (the science of a competent menu design), the customer’s eye always begins to study the menu from the middle of the page, then moves to the upper right and then to the upper left corner. Place the most profitable positions at these points and you will see the result.

  • White space

Want to make a long-lasting first impression on your customers? In the article about key terms in design, we talked about the importance of white space. When developing a menu layout, leave fields free from text and graphics in it. Thus, the client will immediately understand that it is a high-quality menu, not overwhelmed with unnecessary information.

  • Visual guide

To make a dish better-selling, you need to “hint” a customer to order it. Use blocks, brackets, underscores and various colors to highlight the dish and draw attention to the high-margin positions.

  • Hidden prices

Most restaurant menus use the same design: the names of the dishes on the left, prices on the right. Thus, a customer’s attention automatically focuses on a price. Think of your way to “hide” prices on the menu. For example, put them under the dish, not in a separate column.

  • Theory of a social influence

People tend to repeat the actions of those they trust. Use this psychological feature in menu design. Add some confirmation from the person that likes it in the description of a dish. For example, phrases “favorite dessert of the owner”, “favorite wine of our visitors”, or “favorite steak of Anthony Burden” evoke faith. More psychological tricks can be found in the article on the psychology of a menu.

  • Bait effect

If you want your customer to order the most expensive and profitable dish, simply add one with a less attractive price for bait and a cheaper one to the menu layout. Thus, a customer will choose the dish that you want him to order.

Creating a proper menu is an important component of successful restaurant strategy. Use its potential to the maximum and with our pieces of advice, you will definitely be able to achieve excellent results. Do not delay the creation of your perfect menu – do it right now with Waitron.MENU. online menu maker.



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