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Creating a Menu Design. 3 Ways to Use Icons

For a competent cafe menu design, two components are important: a textual content and its visual design. And, no matter how good the food and its description is, without a stylish and well-thought-out design you cannot achieve the desired result.

Creating a menu layout is a complex process with a lot of nuances. Icons are one of those details that will help to make even the simplest menu template interesting.

In a menu, design icons are used to enhance communication with visitors and make a menu easier to read. After all, they allow you to transmit information with no extra words. So, conciseness is an important component of a successful menu layout. Moreover, using them properly, icons can become an excellent decorative element.

A new collection of icons has recently appeared in Waitron.MENU online menu maker and we decided to share with you 3 ways of using them.

1. Label dishes with marks

Labeling dishes with marks will make it more informative and understandable for guests. Moreover, this easy to implement trick will greatly simplify the work of the staff and shorten the time of taking an order.

Use icons to add corresponding marks to the menu layout. Here are some symbols to use: vegetarian dishes (a “leaf” icon), new dishes (a “new” icon), dishes for a group of people (an icon with people), spicy dishes (a “pepper” icon).

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2. Add icons next to the name of a category

When a client sees your menu for the first time, he does not read the text, but considers graphics and pictures. Place appropriate icons next to the name of a category or above to help a client navigate on the menu better (e.g. salads, main courses, soups, desserts).

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3. Use icons in design

Icons are not only an informative but also a great decorative element. Here, you can unleash your creativity and come up with your own way of their usage.

For example, you can insert different icons around the perimeter of a menu, making this way a beautiful frame for a text.

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Restaurant menu design should be both stylish and informative to the maximum. Icons are a great way to make your menu understandable for guests and unleash your creative potential.

If our simple to implement, but very stylish ideas of using icons inspired you, try to create your perfect menu right now.



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