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    Menu Design. 4 Tips for Non-designers

    The fact that you are not a professional designer does not mean that you are not able to create a stylish menu for your place by yourself. There is a wide variety of simple online-platforms for design everyone can learn how to use.

    For example, try an online menu maker the Waitron.MENU. Choose a background, colors, and font, add your logo and photos of dishes. Does it seem difficult?

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    Creating a Menu Design. 3 Ways to Use Icons

    For a competent cafe menu design, two components are important: a textual content and its visual design. And, no matter how good the food and its description is, without a stylish and well-thought-out design you cannot achieve the desired result.

    Creating a menu layout is a complex process with a lot of nuances. Icons are one of those details that will help to make even the simplest menu template interesting.

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    The Designer’s Vocabulary. 4 Key Terms

    If you have ever worked with a professional designer who created a menu layout for your restaurant or coffee shop, you may feel like speaking different languages.

    It doesn’t matter whether you will hire a designer again or decide to try creating a menu on your own, we recommend to go through the basic terms in design.

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    Menu Design. How to Combine Fonts Correctly?

    It doesn't matter whether you run a luxury restaurant or a small cozy coffee shop, menu creation is one of the most important processes. When you design a menu, you need to consider two details: it has to be visually attractive and at the same time easy-to-read.

    To do a menu so isn’t hard – you only need to know the basic principles of combining fonts. The art of proper text design is called typography. This topic is covered in the article on key terms in design.

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    Restaurant Menu Design. 4 Rules of Unique Composition

    Nowadays creating a menu design with own efforts is no longer a difficult and baffling task. The availability of easy-to-use online editors, free templates and training video materials allows quickly and easily to get things done. However, to create a really unique and “clinging” design it is important to lean on basic design rules.

    In this article, we’ll talk about 4 simple rules that will help you to break ground in the creation of your ideal layout.