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Restaurant Profitability: from Menu Design to Staff Training

A good restaurant menu design, attractive interior and delicious food. Sometimes it seems sufficient to keep sales at a high level. However, restaurant business is one of the most complex business directions. It is necessary to constantly come up with some fresh ways to attract new customers and retain the regular ones.

We chose 7 ways to increase the restaurant profit, which may seem obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, many restaurateurs very often forget about less important, but effective methods: from creating a menu design to  staff training.

  • Make a menu design “selling”

A restaurant menu is not just a list of dishes and drinks, but also a marketing tool. And if it is properly designed, it may significantly increase an average bill and its number. For more information on how to do this, see the article about tricks for creating a menu.

  • Invest your time in social networks

We need to warn you that it is necessary not just to be active in social networks. You should not expect customers to come to you after they see your posts. It is important to get across to the guests as much as possible: to make high-quality and interesting photos of the dishes and interior, to hold contests and to motivate followers to tag your restaurant on their photos.

  • Create a wine menu

Alcohol is one of the most profitable items on the menu. Creating a separate full-fledged wine menu will be a good idea, as it is an additional way to increase profits and add zest to your restaurant.

  • Implement a loyalty system

It is a known fact, that regular customers bring the lion’s share of the profit. In turn, they love attention and an individual approach. Implement a loyalty system and distribute discount cards for a certain amount of order. Creating a card, you get full customer data, which then can be used to manage your relationships and for personalization.

  • Train waiters

Invest your time and finances in training your staff. In most cases the correct offers of waiters force the customer to order additional dishes and drinks. Teach them to use more interesting phrases rather than “Anything else?”, or “Would you like a dessert?”, and offer complementary and profitable dishes to their clients.

  • Arrange food delivery

As we previously mentioned in the article about 7 restaurant trends in 2019, food delivery is one of them. The demand for this option is growing all the time and if you don’t have one yet, you lose a number of customers and potential profits.

  • Hold unusual events

Create a special occasion for customers to visit your restaurant and spend money. For example, hold a variety of activities: gigs of local bands, theme parties or special days (wine Friday, taco evening, pizza day).

As in all other aspects of the restaurant success, there is no universal rule for a sales increase, which will work with one hundred percent accuracy. You should understand that all the above tricks would work only in tandem with your patience and perseverance.



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