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How to Create a Menu: 6 Basic Tips and Tricks

If you want to open your restaurant or already did it, you know for sure that beautiful menu design is very important. Because the menu is one of the things customers see in the first place.

If you are already enough confident restaurateur, then changes and improvements on your menu never hurt. We offer you 6 tricks to create not only a trendy menu but also convenient for your customers.

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  • Organize meals in accordance with their popularity

Sorting your dishes according to their popularity is a very good idea. New customers are often lost in the choice of food, so putting the best sellers in the first positions will greatly simplify their choice and for sure won’t make them disappointed.

  • Make your specialties available on selected days

It is not a secret that there are such days at restaurants and coffee shops when attendance is significantly lower than on others. For example, if your chef makes amazing eclairs and the most popular are the blueberry ones – make them available only on Wednesdays and put it on your menu.

Limited choice is a very good way of keeping customers coming back again and again.

  • Specify the ingredients and weight of dishes

Some restaurants don’t indicate ingredients of their dishes, because they want to keep this information under wraps or simply don’t consider it necessary. But for customers, it is very important to see all the components of dishes, especially for those who have special preferences in products choice.

We recommend you to specify a weight of all dishes so that your customers are not disappointed with the serving size. It is better to lower expectations and surprise rather than disappoint.

Visual design

  • Use your corporate colors and logo on the menu

Be a brand! Customers are loyal to the companies they love and know. Your restaurant most likely has its own brand identity associated only with it. Be sure to use elements of your corporate identity on the menu, because this is what your clients see and remember at the first place.

  • Create a laconic design

A perfect menu should be as simple and clear as possible. Desserts, drinks, children’s menu should be visually separated from the main menu, and preferably located on separate pages.

Choose simple and easy to read fonts and cool colors, highlight headings and make sufficient line spacing.

  • Label dishes

In order to show customers that you care about them and their choice, you need to develop a labeling system for your menu. Variants of such labeling: new items, vegetarian dishes, company dishes, dishes that need more than 20 minutes for preparation.

Such labels will make your menu clearer, and the work of your waiters easier.

If our tips inspired you to create a new menu template or make changes to an existing one, turn your ideas into reality right now. The online menu maker Waitron.MENU will help you to do so.



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