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Menu Design. With Photos or without?

Creating a trendy and easy-to-understand menu for your guests is one of the main goals of each restaurant or coffee shop. The menu is an advertisement which visitor will definitely see and pay close attention to. Your task is to create a menu in a way you achieve the desired effect.

The best way to describe a dish is to add its photo. Moreover, photos of dishes on the menu can increase sales by up to 30%. But on the other hand, the menu where each position is presented by a photo is often associated with low-quality places.

We’ve collected for you all the pros and cons of a menu with photos. Considering them while creating a menu, you can achieve the perfect combination of aesthetics and efficiency.

Меню ресторана на розовом фоне

Pros of the menu with photos:

  • Awakens customer’s appetite

Usually, such a menu tends to be more colorful than a text one. Well-selected tasteful pictures immediately make customers feel hungry. More tricks you can find out in our article about effective menu design.

  • Is more easy-to-use

Thanks to photos it is easier to choose a dish. Especially in case of a theme restaurant, where the menu contains foreign names.

  • Increases service speed

If you have a well-designed menu with photos and descriptions of dishes, customers will be able to make their choice quickly. Thus, the waiters will spend less time on taking an order.

Cons of the menu with photos:

  • Difficult to perceive

If there are too many positions on a menu and all of them are supplemented with a photo, the menu will look too colorful and might be more confusing than helpful in making a choice.

  • Won’t be suitable for high-end restaurants

As we already mentioned, a menu with a wide variety of photos is usually associated with affordable places. High-end restaurant customers don’t like too much text and too many pictures. Moreover, they know in advance what is better to order in a particular restaurant.

  • More expensive to create

When creating a menu of this type, the price increases significantly. After all, you need to order a food-shooting and prepare dishes specially for it. Printing this menu will also cost a lot more than the usual one.

If you want to create a menu with photos, we know how to help you.

There is a photo gallery you can find in online menu maker Waitron.MENU. You can create a menu template and make it unique using amazing food photos from our collection.

You do not have to scroll through a sea of pictures to find the necessary one. You can filter them by name or category of a dish.

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