Шаблон флаера для ресторана

Why and How to Use Flyers for a Restaurant?

Every restaurant owner understands why to spend his energy, time and budget for nice menu design. But not everyone understands why a seasonal menu, flyer, and other additional materials are needed to promote a restaurant.

In a modern digital world, almost every business has its own website, a page on Facebook and Instagram, some even have a mobile app. So, there is a question why do you need to use good old flyers in the era of smart online marketing?

Well-designed flyer with the right message is more than just another way of advertisement. Restaurant flyers tell about the brand, theme, and quality of the place.

Why do you need to use restaurant flyers?
  • The ability to “reach out” to a new target audience

Not all people are registered on social networks, and not all registered ones subscribe and read pages of restaurants and coffee shops.

And it’s impossible to close or block with Adblock such offline advertising as flyer.

  • The ability to stand out from the crowd

Since most businesses promote themselves only on the Web and on social networks, the flyer won’t let you go unnoticed.

Moreover, people love beautiful and useful advertisement they can touch and even put in their pockets. That’s why a high-quality and well-thought-out flyer will do its job!

  • Cheap way of promotion

You would say that it requires allocation of a budget and time for design, printing and distribution of flyers, but in fact everything is much easier!

For example, with online menu maker Waitron.MENU you can create not only a stylish menu, but also cool flyers. You don’t need to give them away, there are many other options like attaching them to the bill, arranging on the tables, putting in packaging for delivery orders.

5 ideas what to write about on flyers

Agree that designing a flyer only with dish photos isn’t new and interesting thought. We’ve selected for you some ideas for flyers that your customers definitely won’t throw away:

1. Tell the story about your restaurant. People are more loyal to places with authentic history.

2. Share some secrets of your dishes.

3. Tell about an idea of your place. If you have a theme restaurant, customers will be interested to know about your zest.

4. Share perfect combinations of your dishes. Clients are often lost in the choice, for example, what wine is good with a particular dish.

5. Make an exclusive offer. For example, offer customers to subscribe to a page of your restaurant on social networks, take a photo, and get a nice gift for it (additional discount or any other compliment).

A flyer is an advertising vehicle that still works. You only need to invest a little bit of creativity and time to make it really valuable for your visitors.



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