5 Examples of a Seasonal Menu

Creating a seasonal menu template is an easy task which can significantly increase sales. This is a good way of keeping up with restaurant business trends and being interesting for visitors and staff.

Many restaurant owners underestimate this way of restaurant development and can lose on it. We want to share menu template ideas with you so that you can easily and quickly create a seasonal menu design. Here are some reasons why you need it:

  • “Novelty effect”

When the restaurant serves the same food day after day, year after year, it loses interest of customers. Even if the food in the restaurant is excellent, no one wants to tell about it if it is always the same. Creating a seasonal menu every quarter (or even more often) gives visitors one more reason to go back again and again.

  • A feeling of being limited

There are two reasons why this works. First, new dishes will be available only at a particular time of the year and your customers will know that they need to hurry up to try them out.

Secondly, people subconsciously associate certain emotions with food and drinks. For example, autumn is associated with dishes made of pumpkin and mulled wine, summer – with watermelon and cocktails. So that your clients will choose you emotionally.

  • Awakening of curiosity

Have you ever heard that you never attended any place until they had special offers and you just became interested? This is the whole power of curiosity, and the way to attract new customers.

Another reason why you should try to create a seasonal menu is to bring something new to the work of your team. Coming up with new dishes, trying different variations of them and then making the menu together is an exciting activity to dilute day-to-day routine, isn’t it?

Examples of a seasonal menu

Not only dishes are important in seasonal menu creation, but also a menu design itself. It should reflect the atmosphere of the season or holiday.

1. Christmas menu

Such a menu will be not only a list of new dishes but also a beautiful element of a festive interior.

Шаблон рождественского меню

Another version of Christmas menu which will be suitable for a stylish and minimalist restaurant interior.

Шаблон рождественского меню


2. Autumn menu

Autumn is a perfect time for an experiment because there are many special products available only during this period.


3. Halloween menu

Halloween is associated with pumpkin, orange color, and a special atmosphere. This is the reason why visitors will come to you.

Шаблон меню на Хэллоуин


4. Valentine’s Day Menu

It is not often possible to find a menu specially designed for this holiday, but this will definitely help you to stand out among other places.

Do you want to increase your income and at the same time create a new specialty of your restaurant? It’s time to create a seasonal menu. Try Waitron.MENU and you can do it in a few clicks!



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