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    5 Sushi Restaurant Menu Examples

    Proper menu design for a restaurant or cafe consists of two components: text content and its visual design. And no matter how excellent the food may be or how successful the interior is, without a stylish and well-thought-out design, it’s not possible to achieve the desired result.

    At the present time, Japanese cuisine isn’t something exotic, it became a part of restaurant culture in almost all the countries. Thus, we’ve picked up some secrets and examples that will help you to create a menu for this type of restaurant.

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    Menu Design. Bar Menu Examples

    How to create a well-designed menu? This is the most popular question among restaurant owners. Good menu layout can greatly enhance customers’ experience, stimulate appetite and push guests to make satisfying choices. As drinks are the most profitable items, spending time and efforts for creating a menu design is worth it.

    Whether you are using an online menu maker or hiring a professional designer, check out our tips for creating a successful bar menu.

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    Restaurant Menu Template. 4 Awesome Examples

    Creating a restaurant menu that is attractive for guests and stimulates sales is not a piece of cake, every restaurant owner knows it. However, the large choice of professional online menu makers, templates and tutorials can make this task creative and enjoyable.

    Waitron.Menu team has prepared some tips and menu design templates which you can customize according to your taste and needs.

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    A Laconic Menu Design. 8 Templates

    A thought-out to the smallest detail and appealing to visitors menu design is one of the most important components of a successful restaurant. After all, its main purpose is to “sell” dishes, as well as show the overall concept of a restaurant or café.

    Minimalism is one of the most popular styles in design, which is used in the branding of many modern companies.

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    Designing a Menu. 5 Examples of Children’s Menu

    Recently, many restaurants and cafés have picked up the idea of a family establishment. They create a separate menu design, conduct cooking classes for children, and arrange children's zones.

    What for? Firstly, the creation of a kid-friendly establishment significantly expands the target audience of a restaurant or café, because spending time with your family outside is becoming more and more popular. Secondly, families with children are very grateful visitors, and they spend 30% more than regular customers.

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    Menu Design. 7 Examples of Italian Menu

    Menu design is not just a list of positions, but a business card of any restaurant or café. Every experienced restaurateur knows, that with the help of a good menu design, you can present the concept and the idea of the restaurant to your guests.

    Italian cuisine is one of the most popular themes for an establishment. Therefore, we picked up a few secrets and examples of menu design for this particular type of restaurant.

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    Beverage Menu Design. 7 Great Examples

    Attractive and well-thought-out menu design is an integral part of any successful restaurant and café. After all, every experienced restaurateur knows, that this is the kind of an advertisement a visitor will definitely notice and pay special attention to.

    It is not a secret, that beverages take the highest marginal positions on the menu. They bring the lion's share of profit to the establishment. That is why beverage menu design is an important element of marketing strategy.

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    Coffee Shop Menu Design. 6 Inspirational Examples

    Designing a coffee shop menu is not just a necessary element, but an effective tool. Offers, which are competently formed on the menu, will perfectly complement the excellent taste of your coffee and bring profit. Moreover, properly composed gastronomic pairs of drinks and food will make customers come back to you again and again.

    When designing a coffee shop menu with the help of a professional or online editor, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

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    5 Examples of Cocktail Menu

    A cocktail menu is what can add zest to your main menu and the place itself. Well-selected unusual cocktails will perfectly complement the traditional or thematic cuisine.

    An equally important element in cocktail menu creation is the menu itself. It has to be of high quality in both visual and textual contexts. We’ve selected for you some tips and examples on how to create the coolest cocktail menu.

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    Menu Design. 6 Successful Examples of a Wine Card

    Creating a really good wine card requires significant financial and time expenses. In many cases, if your menu design is not created properly, purchasing elite wine may be a waste of investment.

    What should the “working” wine card be like? We have selected the best tips and examples, which will inspire you for stylish and thoughtful menu design.