Menu Design. 7 Examples of Italian Menu

Menu design is not just a list of positions, but a business card of any restaurant or café. Every experienced restaurateur knows, that with the help of a good menu design, you can present the concept and the idea of the restaurant to your guests.

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular themes for an establishment. Therefore, we picked up a few secrets and examples of menu design for this particular type of restaurant.

  • Create an appropriate menu design

A thought-out menu design should be clear and easy for visitors to understand the theme of the establishment. Speaking about an Italian menu, it is typically presented in national white-green-red colors.

If this decision seems too trivial for you, try experimenting with other associations. For example, add different monochromatic icons to the menu layout, such as pasta, wine, pizza, cheese. Look for more ideas in the article about how to use icons.

  • Be careful with the names of the dishes

Making a menu of any thematic cuisine, whether it is Italian, Japanese or Peruvian, involves the usage of the original names of the dishes, as their equivalent in Russian cannot always be found.

It is obvious, that everyone already knows the meaning of such ordinary Italian words as Pizza or Spaghetti. But make sure you add to the menu layout detailed descriptions of the dishes, which names can be more confusing.

  • Do not make mistakes in the names of dishes

If you decided to use the authentic Italian name of a dish, be careful when writing them. As we mentioned earlier in the article about major mistakes in menu design, there is nothing worse than reading typos.

An Italian menu is the one, where you can find mistakes more often. For example, Ceasar instead of Caesar, or Brushetta instead of Bruschetta.

  • Visualize the types of pasta

Pasta is a key dish of Italian cuisine. Everyone loves it. But remember, that only a few visitors can distinguish fusilli from penne, fettuccine from tagliatelle, and ravioli from tortellini.

While developing a menu design, a great idea would be to add illustrations of each type of pasta, so that a client could easily make his choice. Moreover, such a simple technique will greatly simplify a waiter’s job.

7 examples of Italian menu

If you want to try creating your design with the help of Waitron.Menu online editor, you need to get your dose of inspiration. We picked up the best ideas for Italian menu design.

If you have a restaurant of Italian cuisine, and you want your visitors to feel the atmosphere and the idea of the place, we recommend you to design the menu very carefully. We are sure that, with the help of our advice and examples, you will manage to create a design everyone will be delighted about.



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