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Online Menu. 4 Reasons to Start Using it

Beautiful menu design is a business card of an establishment. Most restaurateurs know that this is not just a simple list of dishes and drinks, but also an excellent marketing tool that helps visitors understand the identity of a restaurant or café.

However, in the digital era, just a stylish printed menu on the table of your restaurant is no longer enough. If you want to attract new customers constantly and remain interesting for the regular ones, you need to take care of the maximum presence on the Internet and social networks.

As we previously mentioned in the checklist of restaurant promotion, online menu is one of the simplest and most effective marketing tools for such business. We selected four reasons, which will make you understand that the online menu is exactly what you have been lacking.

1. Opportunity to attract  more visitors

Imagine the following situation. You want to visit a new restaurant, but you can’t find any information about either the menu or the prices on the Internet. More likely, you will go to a trusty restaurant with your favorite dishes and the prices you are aware of. Your potential visitors might think in the same way, so,  if there’s no online menu, that makes some risk of losing most of your customers.

2. More opportunities

Creating a standard menu for your restaurant, you’re trying to make it as simple as possible, more beautiful and easier to read. Consequently, some important issues like photos of the dishes, detailed description of ingredients and origin of products may simply not be in harmony with the overall design.

An online menu provides you with a wide range of opportunities to give your customers some important information about dishes and drinks without ruining a stylish design.

3. Simplify an ordering process

Does your restaurant have a food delivery? Then, you just need to have an online menu in social networks or on your website. Link it to the bio in your active Instagram profile or share on Facebook to make it visible and easy to access. Then, the only thing left for your customers to do is to call you.

Moreover, it will help you reduce the budget you invest in each order on a printed menu. There will be no need for it anymore.

4. New marketing tool

Your presence in social networks is the right decision, which will attract new customers and increase the loyalty of the current ones. A menu is a marketing tool, which can convince customers to order a certain number of dishes. So, why not use it before visiting a restaurant?

The advantage of the online menu is that you can place it almost anywhere, where potential visitors can see you: social networks, website, and other online resources.

How to share an online menu using Waitron.Menu?

1. Create your menu using online menu maker.

Create your menu from a scratch or select a ready-made template from our gallery.


2. Click “Share” button in the upper right corner.


3. Choose a method

You can share your menu in three ways:

  • Copy the link. Copy the link and paste it on the site or in the description section in social networks and other channels;
  • Share your menu on social networks. Select one of the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or share it directly in an email message.
  • Add it to the website. Copy the HTML code and paste it on your website (if you can’t do it yourself, ask the programmer).

Moreover, the link to your menu will always be relevant. If you make any changes in an online menu maker, they will be automatically updated in the link.

To stay interesting and useful for your guests, you need to improve and monitor the newest trends constantly. An online menu is not just a trend, but also a necessity for those restaurateurs, who want to attract customers actively and remain popular.



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