Restaurant Menu Template. 4 Awesome Examples

Creating a restaurant menu that is attractive for guests and stimulates sales is not a piece of cake, every restaurant owner knows it. However, the large choice of professional online menu makers, templates and tutorials can make this task creative and enjoyable.

Waitron.Menu team has prepared some tips and menu design templates which you can customize according to your taste and needs.

Menu Design Tips

Highlight the key elements

What you want your guests to see first on your menu layout: restaurant name, categories or special offers? The easiest way to highlight it is to use the larger font of this element. Also, we recommend using cool fonts for heading. The trendy food fonts are Playfair Display, Gabriela and Intro.

Make it recognizable

Branding is everything. The more your menu design and other brand elements are visually connected, the more your guests will remember your restaurant and be loyal to it. Add restaurant logo, use corporate colors, upload own stunning food photos and your menu will be incomparable.

Choose color carefully

As we have said in the previous point, color combination is an important part of a well-branded restaurant menu. If you have your corporate colors, you should use them in the design. If you don’t have any particular colors, use our color guide to create a menu for your restaurant.

Menu Templates

We’ve already done almost all the work for you and selected the most awesome templates. Here’s a quick guide on how to customize them using Waitron Menu maker:

  • Choose a menu template and click “Try this template” button.
  • Log into your account or create one.
  • Add your text, change background, colors, fonts, upload photos or choose the ones from our gallery.
  • Download, print, share on social media and enjoy it.
1. Minimalistic template

If you want to create a simple but at the same time modern menu design, this trendy minimalistic template is definitely for you.

Try this template


2. Italian restaurant template

Italian cuisine is one of the most popular themes for a restaurant. This menu template is a great choice for such type of establishment. More ideas you can find in the article about menu design of the Italian menu.

Try this template


 3. Restaurant template with photos

Do you support the idea that the menu layout with photos may increase sales by up to 30%? So it’s high time to choose your greatest food photos and upload them in this template.

Try this template


 4. Sushi restaurant template

Are you looking for a well-thought-out menu template for a sushi restaurant? Just add dishes names and prices, upload your logo and your menu is ready.

Try this template

By keeping your menu design simple, choosing the right color and font, you can create a design that perfectly represents your restaurant and stimulates sales.


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