Menu Design. 4 Steps to Create a Menu

Every restaurant is constantly looking for ways to influence the choice of its visitors. And a well-developed menu design is one of the most efficient tools to do so.

Menu engineering is a science, the task of which is to create a menu, that will force a client to spend as much as possible and come back to the place again.

In this article, we will introduce you to the basic steps of creating an effective menu layout:

1. Selection of positions

The first step is to decide which meals and drinks will be offered to your guests. During the selection of positions for your menu, it is important to consider two aspects:

  • Suitability for the concept of the restaurant. Dishes are a reflection of ideas and theme of any establishment. For example, if you have a restaurant of Japanese cuisine, most likely, burgers on your menu will be redundant.
  • The profitability of each dish/drink. All positions in the menu design should be well-thought-out in terms of their cost. But do not confuse profitable dishes with expensive ones, because the latter are not always profitable.

2. Writing a content

Creating names of dishes and descriptions is one of the most important and interesting stages in a restaurant or café menu design. According to the rules of menu engineering, length of the name of a dish or drink directly affects its price. The longer the name, the more justified its price is.

Talking about descriptions of dishes, we recommend using a descriptive language, which will evoke “tasty” associations among your guests. More ideas can be found in the article about the rules of an ideal description of dishes on the menu.

3. Menu design

Creating a stylish menu is not a problem nowadays. If your budget does not allow you to use the services of a designer, there is an alternative option.

A large selection of programs for creating menus and educational materials will let you cope with the task easily and quickly. You can also try our ready-made professional Waitron.Menu menu layouts.

4. Analysis of dishes

One of the key stages in the menu making process is its analysis and improvement. We recommend using the technique of menu engineering, according to which all dishes should be divided into 4 types:

  • Stars

These dishes are popular among clients and very profitable at the same time. Always place them on the most noticeable positions on the menu or put a visual accent on them.

  • Horses

Meals, which are popular among customers, but do not bring a large income. Try changing ingredients or portion to equalize the margin.

  • Secrets

These dishes are very profitable, but they are very rarely ordered. Change their position on the menu or the way they are presented in order to interest guests.

  • Dogs

Dishes, which are unpopular and unprofitable. Replace them with more interesting meals.

Now that you have read our step-by-step instructions on how to create an effective menu design, it’s time to work on your own. Waitrоn.Menu is a perfect help for experimenting with your menu.

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