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Menu Design. How to Create a Unique Design Using a Template

Stunning menu design is a business card of every restaurant. That is why each restaurateur tries to create not only a stylish but also a unique menu design, in order to stand out among the competitors.

At the present time, there are many menu makers, which allow you to accomplish this task on your own, using professional templates. This method greatly simplifies the process, starting from an idea to implementation, and allows you to save the budget.

But many people still believe that it is impossible to create a menu layout on their own. So, we chose four methods, which will convince you otherwise.

1. Add branded elements

It doesn’t matter if you create a menu using an online editor or designer’s service. You have to remember an important point: your restaurant is a brand, and the menu is its marketing tool.

That is why, we recommend adding a logo, using company colors and fonts to increase the visibility of your restaurant and create a special menu.

2. Upload own photos

Adding photos of the dishes is a great way to create not only a unique but also an effective menu using a template. As we mentioned in our article about photographs in menu design, this easy technique can significantly increase sales, make it easier for the customer to make his choice and speed up the order-taking process.

We recommend not to add photos of each dish. This type of menu is often associated with cheap and low-quality restaurants. Load some of the best photos into an online editor and place them evenly across the layout.

3. Create interesting names and dish descriptions

There are not so many restaurateurs who are familiar with the fact, that one can create a catchy menu just with the name of the dishes and their descriptions. Have you ever had that feeling, that you are reading the same menu while sitting in different restaurants? The real problem lays in the monotony of used words.

Think of interesting names of the dishes, which would fit into your restaurant concept and be associated with it. However, you should be careful with too clever or little-known words.

4. Use icons

In design, icons are an important element which will help make even the simplest template interesting and unique. Moreover, a competent use of icons can make your menu more informative and useful for clients.

Label the dishes on the menu with icons to indicate vegetarian or spicy ones, new, and dishes for the company. You can find even more interesting ideas in the article about how to use icons.

An individual menu design doesn’t necessarily require the work of a professional designer, large budget and time costs. Use our ideas and you will manage to create a stylish and unique menu design using a template.



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