Checklist of a New Restaurant

Launching your own restaurant is fascinating and at the same time a very exciting event. It is important to go through every single detail: menu creation, equipment purchase, staff training and many other, not less important things.

The closer the day of launching is, the more things have to be done. When in a hurry, it is easy to miss something or do not consider some aspects. We’ve created a checklist for creating a new restaurant, so you do not forget anything.

  • Think about restaurant’s development

Currently, you are a small and unknown place. But think about the time when your restaurant will be successful, would you and your staff be ready for this success? Think over it as early as possible.

  • Invest in good naming and logo

It’s not a secret that almost 50% of the restaurant’s success depends on the name and logo. After all, this is exactly what customers remember first and foremost. Do not grudge expanses on branding, since over the time it will bring you a great profitable return.

  • Take a line  of your restaurant concept

Create a special concept of the place and follow to it with all details. Why concept? Of course, you can launch a simple restaurant with a classic regular meal. Then, how the visitors will remember you?

  • Create a well-thought-out menu

For both customers and staff members. Start with a small number of dishes, but quality ones, so that the staff can easily cope with it. It is much easier to expand the menu later than to narrow it down. But do not forget to experiment. More ideas you can find in our article about tips and tricks in menu design.

  • Find out your unique feature

Think about small, but own “zest” your visitors would love to tell about their friends. Concerts, tastings, workshops, souvenirs – any idea which matches with a concept of your place.

  • Make a payment pleasing

The client’s last visit should leave a good memory so that he wants to return. Add something sweet or a souvenir to a bill. There are many options, everything depends on the format of the restaurant and your imagination.

A lot of stuff to do? We know how to make your work easier, at least in one of the points. Create a menu easily, fast, for free and online with Waitron.MENU!



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