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Menu Design. A Checklist of a Perfect Dessert Menu

Menu design is an important element of any restaurant or café marketing. In the struggle for a client, restaurateurs are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to surprise guests and encourage them to come back over and over again.

One of the great ways to attract visitors’ attention is the design of dessert menu. First of all, in such way, you will show, that you are well-versed in this sphere, and can offer a great choice of sweets. Secondly, this simple technique can greatly increase your sales.

Dessert menu design is not a five-minute task. We have created a checklist of key points, which will greatly simplify your work.

  • List arrangement

In most cases, visitors choose the first positions on the menu. Place traditional desserts at the end of the list, so that customers can get acquainted with your specialties first of all.

  • The Rule of 5C

If you are creating a dessert menu for the first time, use the rule we described in the article about the basic menu secrets. The Rule of 5C stands for Citrus, Coffee, Caramel, Chocolate, and Cheesecake. These are the basic types of desserts, that should be present in every quality menu.

  • Seasonal prevalence

Adapt your menu layout according to the season. For example, offer your guests some light desserts made of fresh fruit in summer. In autumn and winter, it is best to add some warm and high-calorie sweets.

  • Reconstruction technique

It is important to create special desserts, which will remind visitors of your restaurant or café. But classics will always be the most popular. Use the reconstruction technique: present some famous desserts in a new way, and add some original decor.

  • Descriptions

Visitors often choose dishes according to their description. While creating a dessert menu, it is important to describe ingredients, taste, and texture as much as possible. It is also a good idea to give brief information about the origin of a dessert or other interesting fact. Find more ideas in the article about the rules of dishes description.

  • Categorizing

If you are creating a separate dessert menu, we recommend not to put all desserts in one solid list. Divide them into categories, which will greatly simplify the choice for your client. For example, you can categorize desserts into classical and special ones.

A dessert menu is a great way to encourage customers to order more, and, accordingly,  increase sales. Use our simple tips, and your visitors will appreciate your efforts.



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