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    Checklist of Restaurant Food Delivery

    Create menu design, hire the most skillful staff, think through interior and branding are not the only key points of a successful restaurant. Food delivery is a new growing trend in 2019 that can help you to evolve your business and attract new customers.

    From an online menu to food ordering tools — there are lots of different points you should think through before launching food delivery in your restaurant or cafe. So we have created a handy checklist for launching food delivery.

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    Menu Design. Checklist of a Cocktail Menu

    Every restaurateur is constantly looking for new ways to attract visitors. Creating a cocktail menu is an excellent way to breathe new life into your restaurant and, besides, increase sales at the same time.

    Here are several reasons, which will inspire you to create a cocktail menu design for your restaurant or café:

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    Creating a Menu. 6 Ideas for a Summer Menu

    In order to remain interesting for its customers, an establishment must constantly come up with fresh excuses to be visited. A new menu design, summer party or tasting the dishes. As you can see, there are many options and ideas.

    Summer is a great time to meet friends and try something new. That is why many restaurateurs note a significant increase in attendance and income especially during this period. We have picked up a few summer ideas, which will help prepare a restaurant and its menu design for a new season.

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    Menu Design. Checklist of a Breakfast Menu

    Creation of a restaurant menu design is not just a necessity, but an important element of the marketing strategy of any restaurant or café. The main goal of a menu is not only to surprise visitors, or stand out among competitors, but also to encourage customers to order as much as possible.

    Since eating out for breakfast is one of the newest restaurant trends, and visitors are constantly looking for places, where they can start their day perfectly, designing a breakfast menu is a great way to increase the sales.

  • Шаблон меню

    Menu Design. A Checklist of a Perfect Dessert Menu

    Menu design is an important element of any restaurant or café marketing. In the struggle for a client, restaurateurs are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to surprise guests and encourage them to come back over and over again.

    One of the great ways to attract visitors' attention is the design of dessert menu. First of all, in such way, you will show, that you are well-versed in this sphere, and can offer a great choice of sweets. Secondly, this simple technique can greatly increase your sales.

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    Checklist of a New Restaurant

    Launching your own restaurant is fascinating and at the same time a very exciting event. It is important to go through every single detail: menu creation, equipment purchase, staff training and many other, not less important things.

    The closer the day of launching is, the more things have to be done. When in a hurry, it is easy to miss something or do not consider some aspects. We’ve created a checklist for creating a new restaurant, so you do not forget anything.

  • Меню и еда

    Cafe Menu Design. Checklist of a Selling out Design

    Proper menu design is one of the most important components of a successful restaurant. Its main goal is not only to show the concept or complement the interior but also to “sell” dishes and make customers order more.

    How to create a menu for a café that will help to solve all these issues? It does not matter at all if a menu design will be made by a professional designer or using a special program, you must be aware of the basic secrets of an effective and selling out menu.

  • Меню ресторана на розовом фоне

    Perfect Menu Checklist

    Each restaurant wants to create a perfect menu design interesting for guests and convenient for the staff. But what is the perfect menu? It has to be not only visually attractive but also well-thought-out to the very smallest detail.

    We have created a checklist which will help you to understand what has to be considered when designing a menu.

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    Checklist of Restaurant Promotion

    An eye-catching menu design, stylish photos of dishes, usable website – such simple at the first glance marketing tools would not only help to keep regular customers but also to attract new ones.

    In order to help you to draw attention to your business without unnecessary expenses, we’ve created a checklist of ideas.