Creating a Menu. 6 Ideas for a Summer Menu

In order to remain interesting for its customers, an establishment must constantly come up with fresh excuses to be visited. A new menu design, summer party or tasting the dishes. As you can see, there are many options and ideas.

Summer is a great time to meet friends and try something new. That is why many restaurateurs note a significant increase in attendance and income especially during this period. We have picked up a few summer ideas, which will help prepare a restaurant and its menu design for a new season.

  • A new menu layout

If you want to breathe a new life into your establishment during summer period, the development of a new menu design is a great idea. We recommend using light summer colors and photos of dishes, so that design complements mood and atmosphere of a place. You can find a set of universal menu templates in Waitron.Menu online editor.

  • Renovated desserts

Does your restaurant serve desserts? It’s high time to update a menu. In summer, visitors want something light and airy, so we recommend removing chocolate mousse or apple pie and adding delicate desserts and fruit sorbet to your menu. Find more tips in article about dessert menu design.

  • A seasonal menu

Summer is a perfect time to experiment with new dishes and combinations of seasonal products. For example, creating a strawberry menu will be a great idea for a hot season. We assure, that the process of creating dishes with strawberry as a main ingredient, will surely become fascinating for your entire team, and your guests will definitely appreciate it.

  • Parties and events

If you want to amaze customers not only with delicious food and stylish menu design, but also a cool atmosphere, then try organizing events. We have already collected a list of ideas for the whole year in event calendar for restaurateurs. And do not forget the fact, that no excellent event is hold without a new menu design.

  • A cocktail menu

Drinks are the most profitable positions on the menu all year round. And even more so in summer! If you already have such classic cocktails as Gin, Tonic or Margarita in your menu layout, it’s time to replace them with summer drinks. For example, try creating citrus cocktails or sangria.

  • Grilled dishes

Grilled dishes should be on any summer menu. Grilled meat, fish, seafood and vegetables are a great alternative to ordinary salads and appetizers. We also recommend to mark dishes of this type on your menu with appropriate icons.

Are you looking for an effective way to attract new customers and surprise regulars? Then summer menu design is exactly what you need. Try to bring our advice to life, and your guests will be pleasantly surprised.

Create a summer menu


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