Calendar of Occasions for Restaurateurs in 2019

Food event is an excellent occasion to create new dishes, arrange a new menu design, and also attract visitors’ attention to your restaurant or café.

That is why we have chosen the most interesting holidays of 2019 and picked up some successful ideas and menu templates for each of them.


July 10th – Pina Colada Day

This sweet, rum cocktail with the taste of pineapple and coconut is so popular, that it deserves to have its own celebration. For visitors, this is a great chance to relax with a glass of Pina colada, and for restaurateurs – to create a new cocktail menu!



August 4th – White Wine Day

Red or white wine? Every visitor, who comes to dine at your establishment, is confronted with this question. On August 4th, you can simplify your customers’ choice and serve only white wine. Also, a great idea is to hold wine tasting and introduce every grape variety to your guests.

Also, do not forget to create a separate wine menu with the help of Waitron.Menu maker, using given templates. You can find the necessary tips and examples in the article about designing a wine menu.




October 1st – International Coffee Day

On this day, all professional baristas, restaurateurs and simply coffee fans celebrate the day of their favourite drink. Remind your visitors about this special holiday and create a new design using one of our menu templates. More examples and tips can be found in the article about a coffee shop menu design.



 October 25th – World Pasta Day

Organize a pasta making class, create a pasta or Italian food menu, serve different types of pasta – there are many ways to celebrate this day and attract your visitors.




December 8th – Brownie Day

Brownie is a simple and worldwide favourite chocolate dessert. Here, we are sharing a perfect recipe of its celebration: find and try to cook various types of brownies (classic, matcha, vegan, with pistachios – you can’t even imagine how many of them there are), develop a separate dessert menu design, invite your visitors to try your Brownie Bar.



December 21st – Hamburger Day

Hamburger Day is celebrated twice a year: May 28th and December 21st. This dish is very popular because it is very simple and has many variations. That is why this day is an excellent occasion to update the assortment of your establishment.

Try to add new items to your menu, or create a full burger menu design. Our universal templates will help you with this.


If you want to surprise your customers not only with delicious food but also with an unusual atmosphere, try using food events as an additional tool to attract guests to your establishment. We remind you, that no holiday can do without a new menu design.


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