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Coffee Shop Menu Design. 6 Inspirational Examples

Designing a coffee shop menu is not just a necessary element, but an effective tool. Offers, which are competently formed on the menu, will perfectly complement the excellent taste of your coffee and bring profit. Moreover, properly composed gastronomic pairs of drinks and food will make customers come back to you again and again.

When designing a coffee shop menu with the help of a professional or online editor, it is important to remember a few simple rules:

  • Use simple color combinations

In a coffee shop menu layout it is better not to relieve your creativity in the choice of color. The perfect combination of colors is black and white. We would also recommend you to try combining several hues of brown.

  • Enhance the taste of coffee

Do not forget about the perfect combination of coffee and food. When adding dishes to the coffee menu, pay attention not only to their taste. The menu should be based on dishes which help to reveal different flavors of coffee.

  • Do not use photos

Good graphics is a better alternative in a coffee shop menu design. Make an illustration of cups of coffee explaining the difference between cappuccino, flat white, latte and other types of coffee.

  • Try to vary the menu

As we discussed previously in the article about the examples of a seasonal menu, the effect of novelty and limitedness is exactly what makes customers come to you. You can invent your own “thing”. For example, serve a cup of Colombian, Guatemalan or Ethiopian coffee in a combination with a national dessert of the same country.

  • Add useful information about coffee

Remember that not all visitors of the coffee shop understand how, for example, arabica differs from robusta.

Do not put them in an awkward position and add short and useful information about the varieties of coffee. An illustration would be ideal in this case.

  • Add other drinks

Creating a coffee shop menu layout, it is important to consider, that some guests visit you for an atmosphere, and not just for a delicious cup of coffee. It would be a good idea to add different types of tea and other seasonal drinks to your menu.

Six examples of a coffee shop menu design

We picked up some examples, which will inspire you to create a new stylish menu.

Working on a coffee shop menu design, it is important to make sure that it truly complements the taste of your coffee and opens it up from a whole new side. We hope that our tips and examples will inspire you to create a perfect menu your guests will appreciate.



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