Beverage Menu Design. 7 Great Examples

Attractive and well-thought-out menu design is an integral part of any successful restaurant and café. After all, every experienced restaurateur knows, that this is the kind of an advertisement a visitor will definitely notice and pay special attention to.

It is not a secret, that beverages take the highest marginal positions on the menu. They bring the lion’s share of profit to the establishment. That is why beverage menu design is an important element of marketing strategy.

We have chosen several reasons to convince you not to postpone the creation of this menu format:

  • Attracting customers’ attention

If you want your visitor to order a drink, it is necessary to give him a slight push. Designing a separate menu is a perfect way to do this.

Create a thought-out design using our checklist of an effective menu, and your visitors will definitely pay attention to beverages on it. Moreover, from the very first moment, a separate menu will make it clear to your guests, that you have a large assortment and something to surprise them with.

  • Convenient choice

While designing a menu, it is important to remember, that it should be as clear and user-friendly as possible.

A separate beverage menu will help your visitors to pay special attention to the features and ingredients of a drink. At the same time, it will not let customers become confused about their choice. You cannot disagree with the fact, that having two menus is much more convenient than having just a big one.

  • Sales increase

Creating a beverage menu is not just an idea, which will help to improve your service, but also an excellent marketing tool.

After taking an order, do not hide a beverage menu along with the main one. Leave it unobtrusively on the table. We assure, that your visitor will not be able to withstand a cocktail or a cup of coffee.

Tips for a beverage menu design

  • Divide beverages into categories for your customer’s convenience.
  • Add special visual elements to the menu layout, which will help highlight the most profitable positions.
  • Be sure to note the ingredients and output of each beverage.
  • Use high-quality graphics to help visitors decide on their choice more quickly.
  • Pay special attention to the drinks descriptions. You can find more information about this in the article about a perfect dish description.
  • Create a simple, laconic, but decent menu.
  • Indicate the origin of beverages, especially alcoholic ones.
  • Use corporate colors, fonts, logo and other elements to make the menu look harmonious in your restaurant or café.
  • Design a menu, which will be clear not only for your staff but also for your visitors

7 examples of a beverage menu

The beverage menu is not just a supplement to the main one. This is a full-fledged menu, which can be really profitable. It can also attract customers’ attention not less than any other marketing tool. Have we proved to you how necessary it is? Then, try creating it right now, using online menu maker Waitron.Menu.



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