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Restaurant Menu Design. 5 Trends

The restaurant business is the most complex and constantly changing one. That is why every restaurant should follow the latest trends in all spheres: from menu design to interior design, in order to remain relevant and interesting for its guests.

We have selected 5 key trends for you, which should be considered in menu design to be trendy and modern.

1. High-quality graphics

As mentioned previously in the article about a menu design with photos, often the menu, in which each dish is accompanied by its photo, is associated with the cheap and low-quality establishment.

Another reason to abandon photos on the menu is a stylish graphics, which has become a new trend in menu design. Do not grudge your budget for a good designer or an online menu editor with professional templates.

2. Eco-design

While creating a menu layout, it is important to remember your target audience, and more specifically Millennials and Generation Z. They are the ones, who follow the trends most of all and try to bring them to life.

One of the latest popular trends is eco-friendliness. Display this idea on your menu: create a vegetarian menu, write facts about the environmental friendliness of your products or eco-rules you stick in your restaurant to.

3. Combination of bright colors

One of the trends that continues to be at the peak of its popularity is minimalism. But this does not mean that you can not add a little bit of color. Bright and unusual combinations of colors in the menu layout will impress your customers.

We want to remind you, that the most stylish color of 2019 according to Pantone is coral. Try using it on your menu and we guarantee your restaurant a title of the trendiest one.

4. Personal contact

People love sincerity and authenticity in the brands they choose. That is why one of the trends is personal contact with a client.

It doesn’t matter if your menu is made by hand, drawn on a board or created in a special program. What matters is that you made it yourself and put all your creativity into it.

5. Online menu

In our digital age, a beautifully printed menu on the table of your establishment is no longer enough. If you want to attract new customers constantly and remain interesting for your guests, you need to take care of the maximum presence on the Internet and social networks. Online menu is a new trend, which will soon become a necessity for every restaurant or café.

In order to remain actual and interesting, it is unnecessary to follow all the latest trends blindly. It is quite enough to be aware of trends and choose for yourself those, which will help increase customer loyalty and emphasize the uniqueness of your establishment.



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