Меню ресторана на розовом фоне

Perfect Menu Checklist

Each restaurant wants to create a perfect menu design interesting for guests and convenient for the staff. But what is the perfect menu? It has to be not only visually attractive but also well-thought-out to the very smallest detail.

We have created a checklist which will help you to understand what has to be considered when designing a menu.

Menu checklist

  • Choose the right dishes

Dishes in the restaurant menu display ideas and concepts of the restaurant. Carefully consider who you are creating the menu for and whether the dishes are suitable for your restaurant. Also, pay attention to the cooking time and culinary trends to keep up with competitors.

  • Define a menu size

Avoid a desire to offer a large selection of dishes presented in your menu in order to surprise customers. In this way, you risk to make the choice to your guests more difficult and at the same time complicate the work of your staff.

  • Set the right prices

The price of each dish has to match its quality. Of course, you can set high prices, but then there is a chance that your customers will understand that they are being cheated on. The perfect option is to find a balance between expensive and affordable dishes.

  • Create “tasty” descriptions

Many restaurants don’t attach any importance to adding dish descriptions and even don’t write them at all. Avoid such a mistake. In fact, your guests love beautiful and “tasty” words, such as “freshly ground”, “juicy”, “crispy”. Use them! More information you can read in an article about the rules of a perfect dish description.

  • Display your brand on the restaurant menu

A majority of people think that the term “brand” refers only to products or goods. In fact, it isn’t like this. Your restaurant is your brand. And your menu is a powerful advertising tool. Be sure to use your logo, slogan, corporate font, and colors.

  • Create a well-thought-out design

A format, style, color, and font are the most important components of menu design. Create a menu not basing on current trends. Design a menu that will perfectly convey the idea and atmosphere of your place. Then test it on your friends to understand how it is perceived by others.



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