Ресторанное меню и еда на столе

Menu Design. 7 Examples for Inspiration

A restaurant menu design is a hallmark of any business. Its primary aim isn’t only to acquaint guests with a range of dishes but also to bring the idea and to point out its own merit.

Fighting for clients, businesses make their best effort to create an authentic and creative menu. Because a unique design is your great chance to make a first and lasting impression on clients.

Menu design. The main principles
  • Divide a menu into logical parts.
  • Stick to your corporate colors and use logo
  • Find the balance between style and readability, choose the right font.
  • Pay particular attention to menu description.
  • Don’t place prices in a separate column to put less emphasis on them.
  • Add photos and illustrations of dishes.
  • Create a visual focus on some meals to increase their sales.
  • Print menu only on high-quality materials.
7 menu examples for your inspiration

1. Do you want to create a minimalistic and at the same time easy-to-remember menu? Simple and “pure” design + bright color accent + well-selected font = the formula of your perfect menu!

Меню и коктейль


2. Coffee shop menu is a specific type of design. It should be both simple and minimalistic, and yet not boring. Black and white colors together with illustrations are a perfect mix.

Меню для кофейни и кофе


3. Do you want to create a menu with photos, but afraid to overdo it? We recommend to read the article on menu design with photos and without and have a look at the examples. One page — colorful and high-quality photo, while the other — laconic text.

Ресторанное меню с фото


4. Do you think that breakfast menu, main one and dessert menu are three separate menus? Then here is an idea how to make unique, but equally stylish designs.

Три ресторанных меню


5. Shades of a dark blue colour most often are associated with a seafood menu. This example will show that creating a trendy and thematic design isn’t difficult at all.

Голубое меню


6. Are you running a business of high-end price segment? Then this classy black and white menu with a golden stamping is your perfect choice.

Черно-белое меню ресторана


7. A well-selected paper plays an important role in menu design. Simple and minimalistic menu printed on a colored high-quality paper is what you need!

Коктейльное меню

The menu is an element which should grab attention within the first few seconds. To make it unique and attractive, it is necessary to experiment with colour, font types, shapes and paper. We hope that our examples inspired you to create your own perfect menu.



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