Ресторанное меню на столе

How to Create a Menu. 8 Basic Tricks (Part 2)

Every business is looking for new ways to influence a client’s choice. It is not a secret that the menu is the main marketing tool. That’s why we recommend paying primary attention to its design.

How to choose the right font for the menu? How to make the menu interesting and convenient for a guest? Which menu design will be better? These questions we covered in the first part of our article. In this part, we will share new tricks which will help you to raise sales just by changing some elements on a menu.

5. Use colors which are awakening an appetite

People react to colors on the subconscious and emotional levels. That’s why it is a perfect tool for influencing the customers’ appetite by using the right colors in interior and menu design.

For example, red is the best color to awaken appetite. According to studies, this color contributes to the development of gastric juice. Blue and its shades are colors that, on the contrary, dull the appetite, since there are no many products of this color in nature.

Ресторанное меню на столе

6. Analyze the reading pattern of the menu

If you create a heat map of any menu, you can see one and the same tendency. Firstly, customers look at the center of the page, then at the upper right corner and later at the upper left corner. According to this, their attention is focused on The Golden Triangle.

In view of this, we recommend placing the most expensive dishes within these areas. The most “profitable” point is the upper right corner. Therefore, it would be a good idea to place a seafood section (if there is any on the menu) or restaurants specialties within this area.

7. “Hide” prices

There is such a thing as “the psychology of numbers” in marketing. Most likely you have already seen such a price ending as “99”. For example, a salad price  $5.99 is perceived much cheaper than $6. There is another trick with the number “95”. It is believed that the price of $4.95 seems to be “friendlier” than $5.

Placing prices in a separate column is a mistake. In this case, attention immediately focuses on the price and customers on the subconscious level look for the cheapest dish. Specify the price in the middle between a dish name and its description in order to make it a bit “hidden”.

8. Focus on certain dishes

This technique isn’t a new one, but very effective. To draw attention to a particular dish, you need to make an eye magnet out of it. Eye magnet is what we pay attention in the first place.

Do you have a specific dish that makes the most profit? Highlight it with a color or frame. Want customers to order your specialties more often than other dishes? Allocate them in a separate category and distinguish them from the others.

Меню ресторана

Want to turn all 8 tricks into reality right now? It is possible! Create a new stunning menu with Waitron.MENU or upload your ready one to the menu maker and experiment!



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