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    Menu Design. With Photos or without?

    Creating a trendy and easy-to-understand menu for your guests is one of the main goals of each restaurant or coffee shop. The menu is an advertisement which visitor will definitely see and pay close attention to. Your task is to create a menu in a way you achieve the desired effect.

    The best way to describe a dish is to add its photo. Moreover, photos of dishes on the menu can increase sales by up to 30%. But on the other hand, the menu where each position is presented by a photo is often associated with low-quality places.

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    How to Create a Menu: 6 Basic Tips and Tricks

    If you want to open your restaurant or already did it, you know for sure that beautiful menu design is very important. Because the menu is one of the things customers see in the first place.

    If you are already enough confident restaurateur, then changes and improvements on your menu never hurt. We offer you 6 tricks to create not only a trendy menu but also convenient for your customers.

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    Restaurant Profitability: from Menu Design to Staff Training

    A good restaurant menu design, attractive interior and delicious food. Sometimes it seems sufficient to keep sales at a high level. However, restaurant business is one of the most complex business directions. It is necessary to constantly come up with some fresh ways to attract new customers and retain the regular ones.

    We chose 7 ways to increase the restaurant profit, which may seem obvious at first glance. Nevertheless, many restaurateurs very often forget about less important, but effective methods: from creating a menu design to  staff training.

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    Why and How to Use Flyers for a Restaurant?

    Every restaurant owner understands why to spend his energy, time and budget for nice menu design. But not everyone understands why a seasonal menu, flyer, and other additional materials are needed to promote a restaurant.

    In a modern digital world, almost every business has its own website, a page on Facebook and Instagram, some even have a mobile app. So, there is a question why do you need to use good old flyers in the era of smart online marketing?

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    Menu Design. 5 Major Mistakes

    Designing a menu for a restaurant requires not only good design and creative efforts but also a deep understanding of the client and his actions.

    Сlient looks at the menu only 109 seconds on average in order to make a choice. That’s why it has to “catch” the client from the first glance with a design and content.

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    How to Create a Menu. 8 Basic Tricks (Part 2)

    Every business is looking for new ways to influence a client’s choice. It is not a secret that the menu is the main marketing tool. That’s why we recommend paying primary attention to its design.

    How to choose the right font for the menu? How to make the menu interesting and convenient for a guest? Which menu design will be better? These questions we covered in the first part of our article. In this part, we will share new tricks which will help you to raise sales just by changing some elements on a menu.

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    How to Create a Menu. 8 Basic Tricks (Part 1)

    Did you know that there is a whole science about a proper menu design? Menu engineering deals with the following issues: how to push on a client to spend more in your restaurant and how to encourage him to return.

    A menu is the main tool of this science. We’ve made a list of tricks which will help you to create an effective menu without the help of professionals.

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    Menu Design. 4 Rules of a Perfect Dish Description

    The restaurant menu is no longer just a list of dishes and prices. Today, it’s a fully efficient marketing tool by which it is possible to convince customers to order a particular dish.

    According to menu engineering (the study about strategic menu construction), a description is the most powerful way of influencing customers that is able to increase sales by 30%. Therefore, before designing a menu, remember about its great importance.