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    How to Design a Restaurant Menu. Secrets of Profitable Design

    Menu design is one of the key elements of your promotion, and one of the ways to increase sales. Every successful restaurateur knows, that this makes 90% of success, and therefore will never underestimate its importance. In the article, we will talk about techniques, with the help of which a menu layout can become a highly efficient trading tool.

    1. Cross-selling

    One of the main tasks of any entrepreneur is to find effective ways to get a guest to order as much as possible. Such a simple psychological trick as cross-selling will help to achieve this goal easily.

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    Menu Design. 3 Key Rules of Choosing a Color

    Well-thought-out menu design is not just a detail, but an important component of a successful restaurant or café. Even the tiniest thing should be taken into consideration: font, color, text, selection of photos and graphics.

    In our today's article, we will tell you about key rules of choosing an appropriate color range in a menu layout, as it is a powerful tool, which can affect your customers’ associations, emotions, appetite, and impression.

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    Creating a Menu. 6 Ideas for a Summer Menu

    In order to remain interesting for its customers, an establishment must constantly come up with fresh excuses to be visited. A new menu design, summer party or tasting the dishes. As you can see, there are many options and ideas.

    Summer is a great time to meet friends and try something new. That is why many restaurateurs note a significant increase in attendance and income especially during this period. We have picked up a few summer ideas, which will help prepare a restaurant and its menu design for a new season.

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    Menu Design and Personalization: 7 Marketing Trends for Restaurants

    In a restaurant business, as in any other, it is important to always remain interesting and trendy to a client. Struggling for every single visitor, restaurateurs try to surprise them with new menu design, content in social networks or a special dish.

    In order to aim your efforts in the right direction, you need to follow current marketing trends. Why do you need an online menu, how to use customer’s data and what is UGC? Answers to these and many other questions will be revealed in today's article.

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    Designing a Menu. 5 Examples of Children’s Menu

    Recently, many restaurants and cafés have picked up the idea of a family establishment. They create a separate menu design, conduct cooking classes for children, and arrange children's zones.

    What for? Firstly, the creation of a kid-friendly establishment significantly expands the target audience of a restaurant or café, because spending time with your family outside is becoming more and more popular. Secondly, families with children are very grateful visitors, and they spend 30% more than regular customers.

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    Menu Design. 7 Simple Secrets

    Creating a menu is an integral part of the marketing of any restaurant. Cafes, fast food restaurants, delivery services, and high-class restaurants can get good results by designing a well-thought-out and appealing menu for their customers.

    Many people believe that making a trendy menu without the help of a professional designer is impossible. We have chosen 7 secrets, thanks to which you will be able to create a great design yourself, using an online menu maker.

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    Menu Design. 5 Rules of a Perfect Composition

    How to make a restaurant menu? This is a constant question, which every restaurateur asks himself after creating a new menu for his establishment. You can use a designer service, or create a menu layout yourself. But you should never forget the basic rules of graphic design.

    Сomposition is the exact element, which makes your menu layout structured and understandable for a visitor. We have chosen five key rules for you to consider:

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    Menu Design. 7 Examples of Italian Menu

    Menu design is not just a list of positions, but a business card of any restaurant or café. Every experienced restaurateur knows, that with the help of a good menu design, you can present the concept and the idea of the restaurant to your guests.

    Italian cuisine is one of the most popular themes for an establishment. Therefore, we picked up a few secrets and examples of menu design for this particular type of restaurant.

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    Online Menu. 4 Reasons to Start Using it

    Beautiful menu design is a business card of an establishment. Most restaurateurs know that this is not just a simple list of dishes and drinks, but also an excellent marketing tool that helps visitors understand the identity of a restaurant or café.

    However, in the digital era, just a stylish printed menu on the table of your restaurant is no longer enough. If you want to attract new customers constantly and remain interesting for the regular ones, you need to take care of the maximum presence on the Internet and social networks.

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    Restaurant Menu Design. 8 Popular Myths

    Whether you run a luxury restaurant or a small cosy café, creating a menu is one of the most important moments. Despite the fact, that the spheres of the restaurant business and design are constantly developing, stereotypes and fishy stories about the creation of a menu design still exist.

    In today's article, we will talk about the most common myths and why you should not believe in them.