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    Menu Design. 5 Rules of a Perfect Composition

    How to make a restaurant menu? This is a constant question, which every restaurateur asks himself after creating a new menu for his establishment. You can use a designer service, or create a menu layout yourself. But you should never forget the basic rules of graphic design.

    Сomposition is the exact element, which makes your menu layout structured and understandable for a visitor. We have chosen five key rules for you to consider:

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    Menu Design. 7 Examples of Italian Menu

    Menu design is not just a list of positions, but a business card of any restaurant or café. Every experienced restaurateur knows, that with the help of a good menu design, you can present the concept and the idea of the restaurant to your guests.

    Italian cuisine is one of the most popular themes for an establishment. Therefore, we picked up a few secrets and examples of menu design for this particular type of restaurant.

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    Online Menu. 4 Reasons to Start Using it

    Beautiful menu design is a business card of an establishment. Most restaurateurs know that this is not just a simple list of dishes and drinks, but also an excellent marketing tool that helps visitors understand the identity of a restaurant or café.

    However, in the digital era, just a stylish printed menu on the table of your restaurant is no longer enough. If you want to attract new customers constantly and remain interesting for the regular ones, you need to take care of the maximum presence on the Internet and social networks.

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    Restaurant Menu Design. 8 Popular Myths

    Whether you run a luxury restaurant or a small cosy café, creating a menu is one of the most important moments. Despite the fact, that the spheres of the restaurant business and design are constantly developing, stereotypes and fishy stories about the creation of a menu design still exist.

    In today's article, we will talk about the most common myths and why you should not believe in them.

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    Menu Design. Checklist of a Breakfast Menu

    Creation of a restaurant menu design is not just a necessity, but an important element of the marketing strategy of any restaurant or café. The main goal of a menu is not only to surprise visitors, or stand out among competitors, but also to encourage customers to order as much as possible.

    Since eating out for breakfast is one of the newest restaurant trends, and visitors are constantly looking for places, where they can start their day perfectly, designing a breakfast menu is a great way to increase the sales.

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    Menu Layout. Eight Tips for a Perfect Font

    Menu design is one of the key elements of any successful restaurant or cafe. After all, it is a great marketing tool, that helps influence customers’ choice. That is why it's important for your menu design to be not only beautiful but also well-thought-out.

    Whether you create a menu design using an online editor or a professional designer, remember, that text is the exact element,  which attracts a client’s attention in the first place. Here, we are sharing some tips, which will help you unmistakably choose the perfect font for your menu layout.

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    Designing a Menu. 4 Reasons to Update it Regularly

    Restaurant menu design makes the first impression of the establishment, causes certain emotions and forms the recognition of your brand. Many restaurateurs neglect this, and they make a big mistake.

    Creating a menu is not a one-time event, but a constant process of improving dishes and design. To prove this, we have chosen four reasons to update your menu layout from time to time.

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    Beverage Menu Design. 7 Great Examples

    Attractive and well-thought-out menu design is an integral part of any successful restaurant and café. After all, every experienced restaurateur knows, that this is the kind of an advertisement a visitor will definitely notice and pay special attention to.

    It is not a secret, that beverages take the highest marginal positions on the menu. They bring the lion's share of profit to the establishment. That is why beverage menu design is an important element of marketing strategy.

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    Menu Design. 4 Tips for Non-designers

    The fact that you are not a professional designer does not mean that you are not able to create a stylish menu for your place by yourself. There is a wide variety of simple online-platforms for design everyone can learn how to use.

    For example, try an online menu maker the Waitron.MENU. Choose a background, colors, and font, add your logo and photos of dishes. Does it seem difficult?